Support Gables Greenways

The City of Coral Gables has been working the past few years to create safe, accessible bike infrastructure for commuters and people of all ages and abilities. In 2014, the City Commission adopted a publicly-vetted bicycle and pedestrian plan. For the past few months, the City has been working with the community to implement the central spine of a low traffic-stress bicycle network. The “Gables Greenways,” are planned to connect downtown Coral Gables north to 8th Street, and south to the Underline, the University of Miami, and the Old Cutler Trail.

A temporary demonstration of what the Gables Greenways could look like through our downtown is now in place on Salzedo Street and University Drive. The project is an important step forward, but is already being scrutinized by some groups for changing how we allocate road space. Unfortunately, there is a real danger that these new bikeways will never be implemented if their detractors shout louder than their supporters. Now is the time for businesses leaders in Coral Gables to speak up for safer streets and world-class transportation options. We are encouraging supporting businesses to join us in asking our elected officials to not delay the implementation of this important upgrade to downtown mobility and quality of life.

How can you help?


Join Coral Gables employers and organizations by backing the plan:


Why should Gables businesses support this?


Employee Demand

Employees deserve to have safe, affordable, and attractive transportation options. The quality and availability of workplace bicycling can influence the career decisions of employees. Having a low-stress, high-quality bike network is one benefit that can help attract talented workers and retain valuable employees.

A World Class City

In recent years, major world cities like New York, Copenhagen, and Paris have used bike facilities to improve their citizens’ lives. Cities across the country are rapidly working to catch up by building their own bikeway networks. If Coral Gables hopes to stay competitive in a changing global landscape it must make this a priority.

Our Environment

We love this city. We want to be able to walk, eat, and laugh on its streets. Poor air quality and noise pollution affect businesses as well as residents. A shift from driving to bicycling also helps to combat climate change and sea-level rise by reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to personal transportation.

Supporting Retailers

Studies show that bicyclists and pedestrians spend more money in local retailers than motorists do. Increasing bicycling will help support the small businesses that help our city to thrive.

Healthy Lifestyles

People in Coral Gables work hard and are short of time. Fitting exercise into a daily commute makes for healthier, more productive teams.

Reduced Congestion

Thousands of trips are made by bike in Coral Gables every day; increasing this number will continue to reduce congestion on crowded streets, Metrorail trains, trolleys, and bus routes, especially at peak times. That means we can all get more done.


What exactly is being proposed?

Starting north at 8th Street, the route for the Gables Greenways follows along Salzedo Street, heading south through Downtown Coral Gables all the way to University Drive. From there, the route follows University Drive connecting to the Youth Center, the Coral Gables Library, and the University of Miami. The route also turns south along Riviera Drive to connect to Coral Gables High School, the Underline, and the Old Cutler Trail. A series of renderings show various options for residential and commercial streets. The proposals are a massive improvement on any designs we have previously seen, but they are not final. If you see something in the designs which you think could be improved, feel free to include that information in your response. There are several good summaries of the proposed options on the project website:

What if I don’t represent a business?

Any organization that employs people in Coral Gables will be affected to some degree by these plans, so it’s important that you speak up. Is your employer a school, non-profit, or healthcare provider? Have a senior member of the team write in. This is a vital issue for many of your colleagues. You can also write in as a resident, student, or community representative to share your support for the project.

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Step Into 2018 with BWCG
Happy New Year.jpg

Thank you for your support for Bike Walk Coral Gables (BWCG) in 2017. Our community and supporters have been essential to our success this year and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved together. 

We started the year off by partnering with the Coral Gables Community Foundation to offer a bike option for participants of the annual "Tour of Kitchens." We'll be offering this option free again this coming year, February 3, 2018 - let us know you'll be joining us! 

We also rolled into March 'Bike Month' with the City of Coral Gables, Chamber of Commerce, and the Coral Gables Museum with the annual Bike to Work Day! We love encouraging residents and businesses to try biking to work for a day! Join us the first Friday of March 2018! 

On March 12th, we produced our 6th annual Gables Bike Day, with friends and neighbors in front of City Hall. Dozens of kids learned how to bike safely from our friends at BikeSafe, and Green Mobility Network offered free bike valet. We honored all of our generous sponsors and former Commissioner Ralph Cabrera. Join us for our next Gables Bike Day on March 25, 2018 and invite your friends!

We also presented our programs and contributions at Miami-Dade County's Bike Friendly Summit, representing "encouragement" organizations and being a voice in our community. We shared are successes in our annual Gables Bike Days, monthly Gables Bike Tours and safety talks, our bike mentoring program, among others. 

Despite the rainy weather the morning of our annual Bike & BBQ event, we had a great time with friends, live music, and delicious BBQ provided by Whole Foods Market. Join us again this year on April 29. 

We were recognized with an award as a 'green' non-profit organization in our community at the annual Green Means Green awards ceremony, hosted by our friends from the Chamber of Commerce. We were honored to be recognized among other individuals and organizations in our community. 

Our friends at No Boundaries and Espirito Santo Graphics created our first mascot bike, Sunny, this year. We've enjoyed spotting Sunny around the community and joining most of our Gables Bike Tours

We had the honor of presenting our Galiano Green downtown Coral Gables park project to the Coral Gables Forum. We shared the importance of public spaces to encourage more people to get around on foot or by bike. 

For the first year, we participated in the national event, Miami Walks (nationally known as Jane's Walk) with the Coral Gables Museum. We hosted a free version of the Downtown Coral Gables walking tour. Join us again the first weekend in May 2018.  

We're also excited that the City has started to implement the 2014 Coral Gables Bike & Pedestrian Master Plan. The Gables Greenways gathered detailed input in September and October, and currently has a separated bike lane pilot project on University Drive and on Salzedo. Be sure to to try out! The City is expected to finally break ground on the first phase toward the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019! 

Closing 2017 with almost 2,800 “likes” on our Bike Walk Coral Gables Facebook page, help us reach more people in our community by inviting your friends to “like” our page to stay up to date on local events and initiatives that promote safer streets in our community for people to bike and walk. Follow us also on Twitter and Instagram

We’re looking forward to making our neighborhoods better for biking and walking with all of you again in 2018.

Happy New Year!

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Why We're Thankful

This time of year as friends and families come together to celebrate the holidays, we here at Bike Walk Coral Gables look back at some of the things that we’re thankful for around Coral Gables.


What are you thankful for? 

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Gables Bike Day 2018 Social

Gables Bike Day 2018 planning has officially begun! Mark your calendars for March 25, 2018!

Bike Walk Coral Gables kicked off the planning for the 7th annual Gables Bike Day by hosting a social at local partner, John Martins, on Friday, October 15. The amazing and talented Adhys Obeso, Vice Chair of Bike Walk Coral Gables, will be Chair for Gables Bike Day 2018. We also welcomed new faces and enjoyed hearing fresh ideas for making this upcoming Gables Bike Day the best yet!

Thank you to all that joined us! We are very excited about the new individuals that are willing to join the group, and are always thankful for all the long-time partners involved again this year.

Bike Walk Coral Gables is always looking for committed people who want to give back to our community and make this year's Gables Bike Day even better than years past. If you're interested in helping us plan for Gables Bike Day 2018, please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you and your friends for the 'Lucky #7' Gables Bike Day on Sunday, March 25th, 2018!

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Gables Greenways

Bike Walk Coral Gables has been advocating for better bike facilities since the Coral Gables Bike Pedestrian Master Plan was approved in 2014. Segments of the plan have been built; but starting in 2018, the City of Coral Gables will be constructing the central spine of the plan. Connecting the northern limits of Coral Gables down to the Old Cutler Trail, the Gables Greenways project will be adding safe, beautiful, and comfortable bike facilities on Salzedo, University Drive, and Riviera

The Gables Greenways project is kicking off with an actual demonstration of one of the bike lane options! The two demonstrations will be installed on Salzedo Street and University Drive - just south of our downtown. These bike lane demonstrations will be available this September, showing what one of the options being considered will look like. 

Want to try out these real-life demonstrations with us? Join us on the "City Beautiful" Gables Bike Tour on September 18 for a special inside scoop on the project. 

To give your input on the types of bike lanes you want to see in our city, go to the Gables Greenways website at

As the designs for the Gables Greenways are being finalized, the team will need the support and voice of the community. Several options will be studied for each street. Public open-house style meetings will be held to discuss and determine these options. Join us for these interactive public sessions, held on Thursday, September 28 at the Coral Gables Museum and Wednesday, October 18 at the Coral Gables Library.

Want to learn more? Check out the Gables Greenways website: 

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Keep Pedaling through 2017 with Us!

Finish 2017 with us as we explore different areas and themes that the City Beautiful has to offer! Keep your bicycle from gathering rust & dust and join us as we learn more about our community. Together with the Coral Gables Museum, we offer #GablesBikeTours on the 3rd Sunday morning of every month. Gables Bike Tours are proudly powered by our friends at Whole Foods Market! 

We have a fun remainder of the year planned, including an insider view into the artistic side of the Gables; hidden secrets of our historic landmarks; and local foodie favorites (pedals up for free food)! A special treat will be an exclusive evening walking tour of Pinewood Cemetery - one of the oldest cemeteries in South Florida. Make sure you have your spooky costume ready to win a prize! 

Receive 50% off any of our #GablesBikeTours by just becoming a member of Bike Walk Coral Gables. Learn more here! 

Check out what we have in store for the second half of our Gables Bike Tours 2017 HERE!

Don't feel comfortable enough on two wheels to join our leisurely bike tours? Sign up for our complimentary bike mentoring program, where you'll be assigned an experienced bicyclist to teach you how. Learn more here!

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Meet Sunny, our mascot bike!

Keep an eye out on our city's streets for Sunny, the new Bike Walk Coral Gables mascot bike! You may spot Sunny at our monthly Gables Bike Tours on the third Sunday at Coral Gables Museum; at a local event promoting biking and walking - such as Gables Bike Day; or even around town with one of our volunteer mentors. 

The name 'Sunny' is derived from the orange and yellow sun rays of the Gables Bike Day logo, the annual event that eventually formed into Bike Walk Coral Gables in 2011.  

Sunny will make her deput at this Sunday's Gables Bike Tour, Bike Through Bahamian History. Don't miss it! 

Special thanks to Amy Groves, Principal at Dover, Kohl & Partners, for donating the bike to Bike Walk Coral Gables. We also are thankful for the beautiful custom paint job by No Boundaries and awesome custom decals by Espirito Santo Graphics

If you see Sunny around town, don't forget to snap a shot and tag us! @BikeWalkCG

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Slower, Safer Streets in Coral Gables
Gables Bikes-1600.jpg

Thank you to all of you that reached out to our City Commissioners to show your support of reducing the speed limit from 30 mph to 25 mph on local residential streets. On Tuesday, May 9, the City of Coral Gables unanimously approved the ordinance

The City of Coral Gables will start to replace signage with the lower speed limit at the north end of the City and progress south until all signs are changed. Once the required signage is in place, enforcement is said to start immediately with initial warnings to allow motorists to adjust to the new speed limit. 


An educational campaign is now starting to inform motorists of the new speed limit and requirement to not exceed it. Part of that campaign is the distribution of pace car magnets for your automobile. 

Stay tuned on how you can get a pace car magnet in support of slower, safer streets. 

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Bike Walk Coral Gables Wins Green Means Green Award

Bike Walk Coral Gables (BWCG) capped off Earth Week festivities by earning a Green Means Green Award from the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, April 27th, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Downtown Coral Gables. The seventh annual “Green Means Green Awards” recognize individuals, corporations and organizations that have placed a strong emphasis on sustainability and green practices in several categories.  

“We are excited to be among the recipients this year, when so many of our green efforts are coming to life in our community,” said Jennifer Garcia, BWCG Board Chair.  “When we started six years ago, the idea of seeing 100 people of all ages bicycling as a group to enjoy the sites on one of our monthly tours was unheard of. This year we were awarded a Public Space Challenge grant from the Miami Foundation for our ‘Galiano Green’ park which will be taking shape in downtown Coral Gables.”  

Last year, BWCG donated a bike fix-it station to the city that was placed on the Coral Gables Museum’s Plaza. The Galiano Green will take a seldom-used barren area next to a parking lot and transform it into a gathering space with a butterfly garden, benches, bike amenities and a drinking fountain. These partnerships and activities not only create attractive and useful greenspaces and resources, but further encourage people to get out of their cars and enjoy beautiful, green Coral Gables. In 2014, BWCG received the Florida Bicycle Association’s Bike Business of the Year Award for programs that promote sustainability by reducing reliance on the automobile.  BWCG has also been recognized as an exemplary partner by the City of Coral Gables. 

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Community Pedals Together at Gables Bike Day

The sixth-annual Gables Bike Day returned for a fun-filled day of activities on Sunday, March 12th, in front of City Hall.  Gables Bike Day offered safe streets for the community to bike, skate, and walk by closing them off to motorized vehicles. This signature event, produced by the community-based non-profit organization Bike Walk Coral Gables (BWCG), promotes biking and walking safety.  
“We’ve attended the Gables Bike Day event for the last two years,” remarks Maria Mowry, winner of UHealth’s #HumanBeingWell Challenge. “We love the chance to be able to get our kids outside and riding their bikes in a safe zone. Each year brings something new, and this year was the best one yet!”
Gables Bike Day started off with a kick-off program on stage in Merrick Park, with a welcome by Bike Walk Coral Gables Board Chair, Jennifer Garcia, who shared the organization’s plans to create a new public space in downtown Coral Gables called the “Galiano Green.” The organization has also launched a membership program for the community to become more active and engaged.  Avid cyclist and Chief Clinical Officer and Chief Operating Office for University of Miami Health System, Dr. Thinh Tran, gave remarks on the importance of building community. Commissioner Vince Lago also welcomed the crowd on behalf of the City of Coral Gables. 
Free bike tours escorted people on bikes by experienced ride leaders to see nearby landmarks. A bike rodeo, bounce houses, climbing wall, and other activities comprised an active kid’s area, and food trucks provided a variety of lunch options. 
“This event continues to be a wonderful family outing for our city,” stated Former Coral Gables Commissioner, Ralph Cabrera, who was presented with the first-ever Coral Gables Bicycle Advocate Award. “I was most surprised and truly honored to receive this recognition.” He added, “I’m just glad to have worked with so many other cycling enthusiasts to make bicycling an important priority for our community. Hopefully, all our ongoing efforts will continue to enhance the cycling experience for years to come.”
Sponsors were recognized with plaques on stage later in the day. Gables Bike Day 2017 was made possible by UHealth and The Lennar Foundation; City of Coral Gables; Suncycling; Baptist Health; Milam’s Market; NP International; Coral Gables Business Improvement District; Coral Gables Fraternal Order of Police (FOP); Catch of the Day; No Boundaries; Canon; Miami-Dade County; Mr. Green Dean’s Vegetable Farm; Don & Jeannett Slesnick; and Shake 108.

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Hold on to your Handlebars - Bike Month is HERE!

Bike Month was officially kick-offed with the presentation of a Proclamation on the February 28 City Commission meeting, declaring March 2017 as "Bike 305 Month" in Coral Gables. This Proclamation highlights the City's commitment to quality and accessibility to open spaces; the implementation of the adopted bike master plan; locally-hosted Bike to Work Day; and continued support for the annual Gables Bike Day

Along with other municipalities and local organizations, Bike Walk Coral Gables plans to celebrate "Bike Month" with a variety of activities:


Membership in Bike Walk Coral Gables (BWCG):

Bike Walk Coral Gables is launching their membership program to give greater opportunity for community members to lend their voice to promote walking and biking in our city.

In addition to helping support Bike Walk Coral Gables' mission, members are entitled to great benefits.

Learn more here. 

Bike to Work Day, Friday, March 3:

Partnering with the City of Coral Gables, Chamber of Commerce, Bike305, and the Coral Gables Museum, Bike Walk Coral Gables encourages those that who work in the City to commute by bike on March 3. 

Sign-up for our free group rides!


Gables Bike Day, Sunday, March 12:

Bike Walk Coral Gables is producing their sixth annual Gables Bike Day, a free family day of fun on two wheels with a bike rodeo, music, bike tours, dog park, food trucks and more. 

Plan Z - Gables Bike Tour, Sunday March 19:

Partnering with the Coral Gables Museum, Bike Walk Coral Gables is providing a special bike tour about Plan Z, architect Bernard Zyscovich's proposal to convert the Rickenbacker Causeway into Rickenbacker Park. 

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A Rolling Tour of Kitchens with the Coral Gables Community Foundation

Back by popular demand, Bike Walk Coral Gables (BWCG) provided a bike option for The Coral Gables Community Foundation's annual fundraiser, The Tour of Kitchens. On Saturday morning, February 4. a dozen participants were guided by BWCG trained ride leaders a delicious glimpse into some of Coral Gables’ most spectacular designer kitchens. Founding Chair, Robert Ruano; Former Chair and current Board Treasurer, John Swain; Debbie Swain, and Rick Smit were among the experienced ride leaders to safely lead participants from house to house. The tour offered tastings, table settings, the sale of special foodie merchandise or home goods, and/or a cooking demonstration. 


A portion of the proceeds benefit the Culinary Arts Program (CAP) at Coral Gables Senior High School. 

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Urging Commissioners for Slower, Safer Streets
Coral Gables-0357_sm.jpg

Bike Walk Coral Gables (BWCG) fully supports the City Commission’s proposal to lower the speed limit from 30 MPH to 25 MPH on residential streets in the City of Coral Gables. Although most residential streets in Coral Gables provide a network of walkable, shaded streets, many people biking or walking feel unsafe due to excessive speeding by motor vehicles. These speeding motorists are typically not local residents, but commuters driving through these neighborhoods. Lowering the speed limit, coupled with proper police enforcement and strategic traffic calming, will make our residential streets safer for people to move around on foot and bike. 

Many studies have shown that the probability and seriousness of bodily injury and death increases dramatically when a bicyclist or pedestrian is struck by a motor vehicle traveling at speeds in excess of 25 MPH. Moreover, we know from local surveys and personal experience that concern for personal safety is a primary factor that keeps people from riding a bike on city streets. Lowering the speed limit will help to encourage more active transportation and recreation, resulting in a healthier, more livable community.

Coral Gables prides itself on being a family-friendly city and offering its residents a high quality of life. World class cities such as New York City, Seattle, Boston, Paris, Stockholm, London, Cambridge, and other communities have all recently lowered their speed limits. They recognize the benefits that accrue for everyone from slower vehicular speeds. 

Along with the lowering of the speed limit from 30 MPH to 25 MPH, BWCG encourages the City of Coral Gables to implement street designs that incentivize slow speeds (narrowing or reducing the numbers of traffic lanes, and adding street trees, blub-outs and other traffic calming features). A commitment should be made to focus the City’s resources on proven strategies to eliminate fatal and serious traffic crashes. BWCG strongly believes that this goal can only be accomplished encouraging slower speeds on city streets. Lowering the street speed limit from 30 to 25 MPH would be a significant step in the right direction.

Get involved, speak up, and tell our commissioners that you support slower, safer streets. 

The ordinance to reduce the speed limit passed on first reading on January 24, and will be heard at second reading on Tuesday, May 9. 

More info on the proposed ordinance here.

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A Healthy and Active 2017

Happy New Year! To kick off the year right, Bike Walk Coral Gables invites you to have a healthy and active 2017 with us this year. 

If you could only choose one event this year, don't miss our annual Gables Bike Day on Sunday, March 12. Hosted by Bike Walk Coral Gables, we offer free bike safety training, bike tours, kids' zone, live music, food venders, scavenger hunt, and tons of free stuff. 

Want to try biking monthly with a group? Join us and the Coral Gables Museum on our monthly Gables Bike Tours. On the 3rd Sunday of every month, we offer a different route and theme so you can explore more of our streets, environment, history, and most importantly - feeling more comfortable riding a bike on urban streets. Riding with a group is a great way to have fun, get fit, and enjoy the great scenery around Coral Gables. 

Serious about riding a bike more, but not sure where to start? Take advantage of our Bike Mentorship program. Bike Walk Coral Gables offers experienced cyclists to teach anyone how to ride safely; choose comfortable routes; and provide support as you start to ride more often. People who commute by bike lose an average of 15 pounds in their first year of riding. 

Interested in getting involved in bike/walk advocacy? Volunteer or Sponsor an event to help make our community more friendly for people who bike and walk. 

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A Walk through BWCG's Year

Thank you for your support for Bike Walk Coral Gables (BWCG) in 2016. Our community and supporters have been essential to our success this year and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved together.

We started the year with a Trek the Trail #GablesBikeTour to learn and explore the important work the Friends of the Ludlam Trail having been doing on the future Ludlam Trail. We also led a Bike Option for interested participants with our friends at the Coral Gables Community Foundation for their annual Tour of Kitchens. We’ll offer this Bike Option again for February 4, 2017 – sign up and join us!

On February 28, we held our 5th annual Gables Bike Day with thousands of our closest friends and neighbors in front of City Hall. Dozens of kids learned how to bike safely from our friends at BikeSafe. Our hourly bike tours were filled to capacity as tour guides, including former Mayor Don Slesnick and former Commissioner Ralph Cabrera, shared the history of our City Beautiful at several landmarks. Join us for our next Gables Bike Day on March 12, 2017 and invite your friends!

As part of Bike Month, we partnered with the City and hosted a Bike to Work Day to encourage Coral Gables residents and businesses to try commuting to work by bike for a day. We also helped our friends at The Underline for the inaugural Underline Cycling Club monthly ride. Later in March, we hosted our 4th annual Bike & BBQ with our partners at the Coral Gables Museum. Bring yourself, your friends, and your appetite next time on April 23, 2017!

As part of our efforts to promote bike safety, we offered a bike ride leader training course with our friend Mary Beth Garcia from the Everglades Bicycle Club. We later applied these techniques at the inaugural Dade Heritage Trust Miami Bike Tours series, offered by our BWCG Board Member Christine Rupp.

We officially thanked our Gables Bike Day 2016 sponsors with personalized plaques at our Sponsor Appreciation event on May 3rd. We also introduced our incoming Bike Walk Coral Gables Board officers and recognized our dedicated volunteer board members for all they do to make our community safe for biking and walking.

Thanks to the generosity of our community and sponsors, we were able to donate downtown Coral Gables’ very first bike fixit station. We officially presented a check to the City Commission on July 26 and installed the station in August at the Museum Plaza.

In September, Bike Walk Coral Gables was selected as a winner in the Miami Foundation’s Public Space Challenge and received a grant to create an urban park on the corner of Galiano and Almeria. The “Galiano Green” Downtown Community Park will be a small green oasis in downtown Coral Gables and offer seating, shade, and bike amenities. The park is expected to open in spring of 2017.

Our bike fixit station was officially unveiled on September 18, with Commissioner Vince Lago and City Manager Cathy Swanson attending and sharing the City’s appreciation of Bike Walk Coral Gables’ contributions to our community. We showed participants how to use the different tools available on the fixit station.

In October, the Coral Gables TV interviewed BWCG board members about the new bike fixit station and general questions about biking comfortably and safely in Coral Gables. The film crew also joined a couple of our popular monthly bike tours.

We participated in the Miami Foundation’s annual Give Miami Day event for the second time on November 17 and raised more than $2,000 – over 4x a much as last year. We’re looking forward to participating next year on Thursday, November 16, 2017.  

On December 9th, we presented the “Galiano Green” Downtown Community Park to the Coral Gables Parks & Recreation Advisory Board. The board unanimously approved the concept site plan and are looking forward to its expected opening in spring of 2017.

We’re closing 2016 with a Facebook goal to reach 2,500 “likes” on our Bike Walk Coral Gables page – we’re only a few short. Help us reach this milestone by inviting your friends to “like” our page to stay updated on local events and initiatives that promote safer streets in our community for people to bike and walk.

We’re looking forward to making our neighborhoods better for biking and walking with all of you again in 2017.

Happy Holidays!

Kenneth Garcia
BWCG rolls out new logo and bike tour calendar for 2017

Bike Walk Coral Gables, the City Beautiful’s bike and walk advocacy group, revealed the organization’s new logo and bike tours for the new year.

Some 50 to 100 people regularly attend the monthly bike tours that are offered in partnership with the Coral Gables Museum on the third Sunday of every month. The theme and route of the educational bicycle tours vary each month to offer participants different perspectives of Coral Gables.

The upcoming bike tours cover a wide range of topics including arts and crafts on February 19. Art Successes - Coral Gables’ Public Art Path is one of many bike tours that starts with a brief explanation of the museum’s exhibit. Once participants have had the chance to learn about the topic, they are escorted on their bikes by trained ride leaders on a scenic route to relevant locations around the city. For a list of all the upcoming tours, click here. 

The anticipated Gables Bike Day, an event that closes streets to cars for people to safely walk and bike, is set for Sunday, March 12. Over a thousand people from around South Florida descend on downtown Coral Gables to bike, walk, roller-blade and skate board on streets that are usually filled with cars. Bike Walk Coral Gables has already started big plans for this sixth annual celebration.

Bike Walk Coral Gables is also proud to have a new look with an updated organization logo and website. The new logo instantly communicates the non-profit’s mission of safe biking and walking, while it also ties into the City Beautiful with the use of the iconic street sign. The logo was designed by local graphic designer, Little Gables Group.

For more information on what Bike Walk Coral Gables offers the community and see the bike tours lined up for next year, visit

Kenneth Garcia
Give Miami Day - Support Bike Walk Coral Gables

On Thursday, November 17, 2016, Bike Walk Coral Gables will be participating in Give Miami Day 2016 to raise funds to further expand our reach in our community. Let us know that you support our efforts in bicycle and pedestrian safety by donating to our cause on November 17.

Gables Bike Day, an annual event hosted by Bike Walk Coral Gables, offers safe streets that are closed to motorized vehicles in downtown Coral Gables for people to walk, bike, skate, and by active. A bike rodeo is used to develop kids' biking abilities; food and drink venders line the street; bike tours are offered to show the city's history; and music and exercise classes take place in front of City Hall. The event attracts thousands of people from around South Florida. 

Bike Walk Coral Gables also provides monthly bike tours the 3rd Sunday of every month in partnership with Coral Gables Museum. The bike mentorship program, another program that Bike Walk Coral Gables offers, help individuals feel more comfortable using a bike; and the "Galiano Green" is expected to open in Spring of 2017. 

On November 17, you can click on the Donate button on the BWCG Give Miami Day page to make a donation. 

Please like, share, and spread the word! 


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Coral Gables TV Interviews Bike Walk Coral Gables

The bike culture in Coral Gables has gained speed in the last few years. More people are riding bikes on the streets of the City Beautiful than they ever have before. Bike Walk Coral Gables continues to advocate for safer and accessible streets for people on bike and foot for over five years. 

Coral Gables TV has taken note to this recent phenomenon and decided to produce a piece about biking in Coral Gables. As part of their news release, Brianna Moles, producer and host, interviewed former Chair, John Swain, about the recent donation of the bike fixit station from Bike Walk Coral Gables. John was able to show how to use the fixit station; demonstrate the included tools; and pump air into the tires. 

Jennifer Garcia, Board Chair, was also interviewed to describe the growth of bike popularity in Coral Gables. She spoke about the programs Bike Walk Coral Gables offers the community that helps them feel more comfortable on a bike. The monthly Gables Bike Tours with the Coral Gables Museum; Gables Bike Day; and the bike mentorship program are just a few the organization offers. 

Kenneth Garcia
Unveiling of Downtown Coral Gables' First Bike FixIt Station

Bike Walk Coral Gables (BWCG) unveiled their newest gift to the City of Coral Gables on Sunday, September 18: a bike fixit station. The Dero repair station is located at the corner of Salzedo and Giralda in the Coral Gables Museum plaza and is equipped with all of the tools necessary for a cyclist to preform minor repairs and tune-ups, such as: wrenches, screwdrivers, tire levers, and an attached tire pump. Users can easily scan the QR code on the station with their smart phone to access a variety of tutorials on how to perform bike repairs.

“As a father of two young children, this is exactly what I think Coral Gables should be about and should represent on a daily basis. Bike Walk Coral Gables is an important voice pushing and steering for what we need to do in reference to bike and pedestrian safety,” said Commissioner Vince Lago on Sunday, September 18th at the unveiling of the bike fix-it station. 

In partnership with the Coral Gables Museum, Bike Walk Coral Gables offers monthly Gables Bike Tours. These casual bike tours start at 10am every third Sunday of the month at the museum. The addition of the bike fixit station will be an asset for bike tour participants, as BWCG plans to periodically offer live demonstrations. 

Bike Walk Coral Gables also plans to film a short video to teach and refresh the community on how to preform basic repairs and maintenance using the tools provided on the fixit station. This video will be shared on social media to educate all cyclists how to use bike fixit stations that are nearest to them. 

“We’re so excited about the green that you’re establishing,” shares City Manager Cathy Swanson-Rivenbark, after Bike Walk Coral Gables announced their newest future initiative, the Galiano Green, a 2016 Public Space Challenge project. “We walk by and drive by that space all the time, and we never saw in it the potential of it becoming a really special space. We salute you and are there to assist you. We look forward to future projects that you see when we’re not looking.”
Kenneth Garcia
Downtown Coral Gables Park is a winner in the 2016 Public Space Challenge

Bike Walk Coral Gables (BWCG) is proud to announce that our submission of a “Downtown Coral Gables Community Park” has been selected as one of 19 winners selected from 400+ ideas submitted by our community to the 2016 Public Space Challenge, a program of The Miami Foundation

Bike Walk Coral Gables submitted an idea to create a small public park in the green buffer in front of the parking lot at the corner of Galiano and Almeria. While the city is known for its tree-lined streets and high quality green spaces, this is not the case in the city’s densest area. The city’s population is 50,000, though it doubles during the day when office workers, service personnel, and tourists flock to one of the more popular downtowns in the county. Population and tourism continue to increase in the downtown area with added residential units, streetscape improvements, and the implementation of the citywide bike master plan. Downtown and adjacent neighborhoods are one of the rare areas in Miami where one can still live affordably while also enjoying a high quality of life. To build a sense of community and contribute to the livability of downtown, the area needs additional public spaces where people can have lunch, sit in the shade on a hot day, or just enjoy the sights. The park – centrally located in the downtown - will offer a passive space to gather, interact, and relax in a natural environment. The park will also include a bike repair station, covered bike parking, a water station, and other amenities to cater to bike commuters and recreational cyclists in the area.

The Public Space Challenge is a platform for residents to create, improve and activate parks and public spaces in their neighborhoods. This year, individuals, organizations and public agencies throughout Miami-Dade County submitted more than 400 ideas, setting a new record for number of entries since the program began in 2012. In partnership with the Health Foundation of South Florida and the Office of Miami-Dade County Commissioner Juan C. Zapata, District 11, The Miami Foundation will invest $305,000 to help residents make the winning projects happen. In addition to the funding, each group will receive technical assistance from The Miami Foundation to work with county and municipal offices in executing their projects. Click here to learn more about the winning entries.

Kenneth Garcia