Meet Sunny, our mascot bike!


Keep an eye out on our city's streets for Sunny, the new Bike Walk Coral Gables mascot bike! You may spot Sunny at our monthly Gables Bike Tours on the third Sunday at Coral Gables Museum; at a local event promoting biking and walking - such as Gables Bike Day; or even around town with one of our volunteer mentors. 

The name 'Sunny' is derived from the orange and yellow sun rays of the Gables Bike Day logo, the annual event that eventually formed into Bike Walk Coral Gables in 2011.  

Sunny will make her deput at this Sunday's Gables Bike Tour, Bike Through Bahamian History. Don't miss it! 

Special thanks to Amy Groves, Principal at Dover, Kohl & Partners, for donating the bike to Bike Walk Coral Gables. We also are thankful for the beautiful custom paint job by No Boundaries and awesome custom decals by Espirito Santo Graphics

If you see Sunny around town, don't forget to snap a shot and tag us! @BikeWalkCG

Kenneth Garcia