Let your voice be heard! One of the best ways we can support pro-walking and biking policies is to individually tell our elected officials. Below are a few avenues to share your voice with our city and county officials:

Transportation Advisory Board
The Board identifies and recommends improvements to develop transportation connectivity of all modes to a variety of transportation alternatives. The Board typically meets the third Tuesday of each month at the Coral Gables Youth Center.

Coral Gables Comprehensive Multi-Modal Transportation Plan 
The purpose of the Transportation Plan is to develop a 10-year blueprint for improving the city’s transportation system and the performance of each modal element (vehicular, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and freight).

Gables Greenways Project
Our City will be soon implementing the Bike/Pedestrian Master Plan with the designs of new bike lanes, boulevards, and other bike facilities on our streets. Open houses to learn about proposed designs and choose your preferred option will be in September and October 2017. Learn more here

Request a Free Bike Rack
Are you a business owner who would benefit by providing bicycle parking at your venue? Do you know a business that needs a bike rack? The City of Coral Gables will furnish and install bike racks, free of charge, to businesses. This is part of an effort to become a more bicycle-friendly community and encourage residents to choose cycling as a means to a healthy lifestyle and a transportation alternative. To request a bike rack be installed in front of your business, on public property, make a request to the City of Coral Gables online or use the app.

Become a Bicycle-Friendly Business

The Coral Gables Museum, Coral Gables Art Cinema, and Dover, Kohl & Partners have become the first businesses in The City of Coral Gables to become nationally recognized as Bicycle Friendly Businesses.

Become nationally recognized for your efforts to encourage a more welcoming atmosphere for employees, customers, and the community. Apply to the program and see how bicycling can create more energized, alert, and productive employees while also decreasing your healthcare costs and retaining youthful employees. Start pedaling and become a Bicycle Friendly Business.