Want to get back on your bike?

One of our goals at Bike Walk Coral Gables is to help our community feel safe and comfortable biking the streets of Coral Gables and the surrounding areas. There are many people who want to ride their bike to the store; meet friends; or work, either part or all the way. We offer experienced riders who volunteer their technical know-how and support to get anyone commuting.

Bike Commuting is a great way to:

  • Avoid traffic congestion and parking hassles

  • Get in shape

  • Go green/help environment
  • Save money
  • Have fun

Bike Mentors can help:

  • Plan routes
  • Choose a bike and accessories
  • Safety check your bike
  • Teach bike safety
  • Accompany you on your first ride
  • Provide encouragement
  • Answer questions

If you live or work in Coral Gables and are interested in getting back on your bike for occasional riding, regular bike commuting, or just a one-time Bike to Work Day, please contact us below so we can connect you with one of our mentors.

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Please include to and from where you are interested in commuting.