Installation of Downtown Coral Gables' First Bike FixIt Station


As Bike Walk Coral Gables continues to promote cycling and walking as safe forms of transportation, the organization recently donated a new bike amenity in Downtown Coral Gables. 

A bike fixit station can now be found at the corner of the Coral Gables Museum plaza, courtesy of Bike Walk Coral Gables. This Dero repair station is equipped with all the tools necessary for a cyclist to perform minor repairs and tune ups – such as wrenches, screw drivers, tire levers, and an attached tire pump. Users can easily scan the QR code on the station with their smart phone to access a variety of tutorials on how to perform bike repairs. 

Bike Walk Coral Gables formally presented the City of Coral Gables with a check for the purchase of the bike repair station at the July 26 City Commission meeting. 

A formal ribbon-cutting will take place on Sunday morning, September 18. All avid cyclists, casual bike riders, and general people who like to see more people walking and biking in the City Beautiful are welcome to attend. 

Kenneth Garcia