Coral Gables TV Interviews Bike Walk Coral Gables


The bike culture in Coral Gables has gained speed in the last few years. More people are riding bikes on the streets of the City Beautiful than they ever have before. Bike Walk Coral Gables continues to advocate for safer and accessible streets for people on bike and foot for over five years. 

Coral Gables TV has taken note to this recent phenomenon and decided to produce a piece about biking in Coral Gables. As part of their news release, Brianna Moles, producer and host, interviewed former Chair, John Swain, about the recent donation of the bike fixit station from Bike Walk Coral Gables. John was able to show how to use the fixit station; demonstrate the included tools; and pump air into the tires. 

Jennifer Garcia, Board Chair, was also interviewed to describe the growth of bike popularity in Coral Gables. She spoke about the programs Bike Walk Coral Gables offers the community that helps them feel more comfortable on a bike. The monthly Gables Bike Tours with the Coral Gables Museum; Gables Bike Day; and the bike mentorship program are just a few the organization offers. 

Kenneth Garcia